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Mongolia has world-class trout-fishing

Several guests return year after year to focus almost exclusively on trout.  This river produces impressive numbers of Mongolian trout and Arctic grayling.  Trout and grayling feed aggressively on the surface throughout the summer season.  They will charge up from the crystal clear water to smash a hopper.  They also target nymphs (Euro nymphing is super fun here), small streamers, and a variety of dry flies.  We regularly watch dozens of trout and grayling casually sipping small hatches within a few feet of us. 

All trout and grayling fishing is catch and release, fly-fishing only with a single, barbless hook.

The trout on this river average 15 – 20 inches.  Fish up to 25″ are regularly released.  We’ve caught and released very large grayling up to two pounds. A large trout will happily destroy a skated mouse pattern.  Amazingly, even large grayling will attack small mouse patterns!  Taimen will often come from nowhere and devour the grayling or trout on the end of your line.

Mongolia has three trout species:   The Taimen, Amur trout, and Mongolian or Manchurian trout.  The Fish Mongolia river has two trout species: Taimen and Mongolian trout.  The Mongolia River Outfitters river has all three trout species.

Mongolia has two species of pike:  Northern pike and Amur pike.  We do not encounter pike on the Fish Mongolia river.  The Mongolia River Outfitters river has excellent Amur pike fishing.

Mongolia has five species of grayling.  Trying to catch them all would require a fly fishing odyssey around Mongolia:  Fish Mongolia for Arctic grayling; Altai Mountains and Eagle Hunters of the west for Mongolian grayling; north to the taiga and home of the Reindeer Herders for the strikingly colored Gold-tailed grayling; to nearby Lake Khovsgol for the endemic Black grayling; and, east to our Mongolia River Outfitters operation for Amur grayling.

The Fish Mongolia river is excellent for Taimen, Mongolian trout, and grayling.

If you want to target big Amur pike and Amur trout, our Mongolia River Outfitters operation is your spot.


This is the only place I have been where you put a 20 plus inch trout back as soon as you can as it’s not what you were after!  If you dedicated time to trout and grayling completely you could easily reach a triple digit day.

– Matt B., USA