Our Camps

Comfortable Mongolian ger (yurt) camps on prime taimen waters

We have a string of seasonal ger and tipi camps within the Taimen Sanctuary.  Each camp is strategically situated along the river one day’s float apart with great fishing right out the front door.  For the Headwaters Expeditions, we use a combination of large, canvas tipi camps and ger camps.  On the Classic Canyons adventures, all accommodation is in very well appointed Mongolian ger (yurt) camps.  These traditional felt covered dwellings are perfectly suited for the environment. 

Leave no trace…

Gers are extremely comfortable, aesthetically pleasing, and environmentally and socially appropriate for the Mongolian countryside.  We believe that rivers and wilderness values should be respected.  We have a strict “leave no trace” policy.  Our camps use no permanent infrastructure.  At the end of each season, everything is completely dismantled and stored… leaving these Mongolian rivers wild… as they have existed for centuries.

Each ger provides ample space to accommodate two anglers.  The gers are nearly nine feet high (2.5 meters) and approximately twenty-feet (6 meters) in diameter. Our gers are outfitted with all the essentials: wood burning stove, wash-basin, small writing table, camp chairs, and sleeping cots.  Woolen carpets decorate the floors.  There are plenty of hooks for hanging jackets, waders and other gear at day’s end.

Each camp has simple toilet and shower facilities.  The toilets are clean, efficient, and private. At the ger camps, the shower is placed in an insulated wall tent complete with a wood stove.  The shower is private and warm, with plenty of space for changing.  The stove is a very nice touch, with hot water making the shower feel a bit like a steamy sauna.

We pride ourselves on our catering.  The meals are professional, substantial, and very well suited for western tastes: fresh vegetables and fruits, big breakfasts, hot lunches, and multi-course dinners.  We dare you to try and lose weight on these trips. 

Every morning starts with coffee/tea service in your ger.  Sun-downers and hors-de-oeuvres around the fire cap every evening.  One of the nicest surprises for many of our guests is the fine selection of complimentary wines.  We often eat outside to enjoy the long Mongolian summer days and endless skies.

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