Who We Are


A world-class professional fly-fishing team dedicated to protecting Mongolian rivers and taimen.  

We run Mongolia’s only drift-boat operations:  Fish Mongolia and Mongolia River Outfitters.

Both are recognized for outstanding service, wonderful fishing, and conservation leadership.

Asia’s  first and only Orvis Endorsed International Destinations!

We’ve been fly-fishing for Mongolian taimen longer than just about anyone.  Our founders started fly-fishing in Mongolia  back in 1991.  We have dozens of boats.  Our remote fly-fishing camps provide access to hundreds of miles of Mongolian rivers.  There is no one better staffed and equipped for this kind of trip.

We are particularly proud of our camp staff and guide team.  You’d be hard pressed to find a stronger international team.  These folks are on a Mongolian river from June through October every year.  They come from Mongolia, Chile, Aruba, New Zealand, and Montana to float and fish these rivers.  During the Mongolia off-season, they are writing about fly-fishing for headline journals or leading trips for some of the globe’s finest fly-fishing destinations.  They are seasoned veterans with decades of experience and a great group of friends.

You’ll enjoy their knowledge and enthusiasm for the country, drift-boat operations, fly-fishing, and taimen conservation.

Nomadic Journeys is the parent company responsible for both operations.   Nomadic Journeys is a fully licensed Mongolian company.  The company is one of Mongolia’s largest tour operators.  The Mongolian Government has given Nomadic Journeys several awards for our contributions to Mongolia’s economic development and the conservation of our nation’s unique natural and cultural landscape.  The Nomadic Journeys office and full-time professional staff are located at the very center of Ulaanbaatar, directly across the street from both the Museum of Natural History and the Parliament Building.

When you call or write to inquire about a trip, one of these folks will respond.  They are all old friends with years of fly-fishing and Mongolia experience.

Dan Bailey was once tasked with boating every major river in Mongolia to investigate water quality.  Dan decided that both the water and fishing looked great.  For seven seasons, he led the FM guide team.  Dan works tirelessly to protect taimen and taimen rivers.  Dan completed his masters at University of Montana focused upon taimen conservation.  He is now home in Montana, missing Mongolia, and available 24/7 to help plan your trip.

Mark Johnstad has been fly fishing Mongolia for more than twenty years.   Mark is deeply committed to taimen conservation and helped found our operations for that specific purpose.  Montana raised, Mark first visited here in 1991 to ride a horse across the country.  Instead, he ended up helping create the modern system of protected areas.  Mark lived here for a long time, still returns every year and did eventually make that epic ride.  There is likely not another westerner with more years and experience exploring Mongolia’s outback.

Manduhai Suhbaatar is the director Nomadic Journeys.  Manduhai and her husband, Enktaivan, founded Nomadic Journeys in the early 1990’s.  Manduhai and Enktaivan are the quiet engine behind this operation.  They are dynamic and successful professionals who are highly respected by the Mongolian business community.  Their objective remains to create a model for tourism that supports the conservation of Mongolia’s unique landscape and culture.

Jan Wigsten is a Nomadic Journeys founder and one of Mongolia’s most revered foreign experts.  He first visited Mongolia in 1980, a fact Jan enjoys reminding us of regularly.  Jan started working full-time in Mongolia in the early 1990’s.  Now Jan and his Mongolian wife, Mandaa, divide their seasons between Mongolia and Sweden.  In 2013, the President of Mongolia traveled to Sweden and presented Jan with the prestigious “Nairamdal” (Friendship) Award.  This is an honor we all like to remind folks of regularly.

Here are our direct numbers:

Mongolia (Manduhai): +976.11.328737
Europe (Jan Wigsten): +46.498.487105
USA (Dan Bailey): +1.406.586.8137

Please write or call anytime to discuss these great fishing adventures.

Hope we get a chance to fish together!