Charter Flight Options

fly in fly out fishing

The Fish Mongolia itinerary includes a commercial flight from Ulaanbaatar to a regional airstrip.  From there, we take a 4×4 overland several hours to reach the river.

Guests often travel out a day or two early to visit Khovsgol Lake.  This is a great option.  After relaxing at a lakeside ger camp, guests travel overland a few hours to join the scheduled trip at the put-in.   If you’re interested, we can easily make arrangements for a driver, guide and lakeside accommodation.

Guests occasionally choose to charter a direct flight from UB.  This is a good alternative if you want to reach the river a bit early and would prefer to forgo the drive.  The upper taimen camp has a designated airstrip. Blue Sky Aviation has a Cessna Caravan (9 passengers). Thomas Air has a Pilatus Porter (8 passengers) and a Maule 7 (3 passengers).   Each is capable of flying from Ulaanbaatar to our upper camp in approximately three hours.  They can also fly you direct to Khovsgol Lake.   All chartered flights are “extras”.  They will be planned and costed on a custom basis.

If you are interested in any of these options, please let us know.