Classic Canyon Trips

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This is the classic Fish Mongolia journey. 

We use drift boats to float one of the world’s most beautiful wilderness rivers.

Every evening we stay in a unique and comfortable stream-side camp.

Seven full days covering nearly one-hundred and sixty kilometers of epic taimen and trout water.

The river is remote and difficult to access, offering pristine and secluded angling.  Boat travel is the best way to properly discover this river.  We start these trips in the forested mountain headwaters and end where the canyon reaches towards steppe.  Carved through limestone and granite, the valley is flanked by spectacular cliffs and rock pinnacles.  There are very healthy taimen populations with fish over 50-inches encountered every season.

“The River is a piece of heaven lost in time, and floating down it from the ger camp left each of us in awe everyday. The fishing was fantastic, watching my brother hold that 1m 25 fish after the battle of the “Bus Stop” will remain with me forever.”  Peter M.

Every season, we establish eight camps along the river’s canyon section.  These are usually all ger (yurt) camps.  If early season access conditions are difficult, guests may be accommodated in tipis at the three lower camps.  All of the camps are well-appointed and very comfortable.

We explore a new stretch of productive river daily, floating between camps with professional guides without ever having to shuttle.  Lunch is served streamside.  Every evening you float into a stunning camp where the drinks are cold, the fires are warm, and the food is delicious.  The next morning, you get up, have a great breakfast, jump in the boat, and do it all over again.


We use state of the art NRS manufactured drift boats.  These non-motorized craft are perfect for the task.  They are quiet and stable.  They easily accommodate two anglers and a professional guide. They have very comfortable seats and large, secure casting platforms.  The drift boats have plenty of storage space for spare rods, camera gear, snack boxes, drinks and other necessities.

“From the airport, we bumped our way over the grassy Mongolian Steppe past nomad tents and herds. At first I thought, “No way is there a big river hidden out here!” But we snuck on a trackless route over a few hills and down a steep valley into a hidden canyon where a beautiful river stretched out before us.  The river valley is absolutely stunning – a wide river alternating between rapids and deep pools, a wildflower laced valley floor and big high cliffs like bookmarks on either side. It’s one of the nicest places I’ve seen in Mongolia and there wasn’t a village for miles in any direction. We had the entire river to ourselves.” Nathan W.

To make certain this wilderness river remains pristine, we have signed agreements making this the world’s second Taimen Sanctuary. (The first is over at our Mongolia River Outfitters operation.)  These are  beautiful wild rivers with variable flows and fishing conditions.  All fishing is catch/release and fly fishing only using single, barbless hooks.