Conservation Partners


Pick up your rod.  Catch a monster taimen.  Help make the world a better place.

We measure success by how well we conserve taimen and the habitat upon which they depend.

We collaborate very closely with four international NGO’s: BioRegions, The Taimen Fund, The Nature Conservancy, and WWF-Mongolia.  Partnering with these NGO’s greatly increases the impact of our conservation efforts. We strongly encourage our anglers to get involved by either donating skills or financing to these organizations.

Giving Back to the River

Both the Taimen Fund and BioRegions are 501(c)(3) organizations based in Bozeman, Montana, USA. If you would like to support conservation and community improvements along the river by volunteering and/or making a tax-deductible donation, please contact us and/or visit their websites for more information.

The Taimen Fund
Mongolia River Outfitters/Fish Mongolia are proud to be founding members of the Taimen Alliance.  This is a group of NGO’s, government agencies, communities and private businesses all unified in their concern for the survival of taimen.  Our mission is to help conserve Mongolia’s wild taimen.  Together, we are working to innovate conservation approaches designed to maintain the ecological integrity of the watersheds upon which taimen depend.  We accomplish this by promoting sustainable fishing practices, protecting watersheds, maintaining natural reproduction and alleviating poaching.  That’s achieved by building partnerships between communities and fly-fishing tourism operators, developing campaigns to increase awareness and pride in taimen, improving general scientific knowledge of taimen, and supporting regulatory improvements and enforcement.

BioRegions International
We work in partnership with BioRegions International and communities along both rivers to strengthen public health, environmental preservation, education, and innovative economic development. BioRegions is a highly effective, grass-roots oriented NGO. They benefit from the volunteerism of numerous highly qualified professionals, including medical doctors and environment and health science professionals. BioRegions enjoys very close ties with Mongolian and International academic institutions and supports action research, experiential education and service learning.  This includes facilitating exchanges between institutions of higher learning.  They have even sponsored Mongolian Fulbright students.

Through BioRegions, we are able to provide opportunities for health specialists, physicians, dentists, agriculturalists, educators, artists, business advisers, biologists, graduate students or anyone with skills or interests to work collaboratively with community members to build mutual understanding and capacity.  Spending a few days to volunteer services in a local community before or after a fly fishing trip is an amazing experience.  And it never hurts to build up a bit of good karma for a fishing trip!

World Wildlife Fund
The conservation partnership between WWF-Mongolia and Mongolia River Outfitters was the force behind the establishment of the world’s first Taimen Sanctuary.  This conservation partnership is now entering its second decade and is an internationally recognized model for private, public, and NGO sector coordination.  Our joint work includes sponsoring a host of highly successful community-based taimen conservation initiatives.

If you would like to tag donations for specific rivers and/or projects, we are eager to discuss options.